Making mistakes

This morning, as I reflect on a mistake I made years ago now. It is natural to lament mistakes. I knew at the time it wasn’t right in my head, but my heart said another thing. Simply put, it is easy to be deceived by flattery and charm. That is why God is our guide. We cannot always trust our perception. Knowing that the heart is deceitful above all things about myself and others, it helps me lean into God for truth more than ever.

My comfort to my mistake is that God has brought beauty out of it. I get to see that beauty every day and remember that God can bring beauty out of even our mistakes.

Sometimes God’s guidance comes from unlikely places. Maybe even non-Christians. I dismissed advice given at the time because I knew the people giving the advice were declared unbelievers and weren’t reading the Word or seeking God in anything. But God did give me guidance through His traditional vessels of authority.

Sweet friends, sometimes we can suffer much for our mistakes. Sometimes it can be our impatience or Will that leads us astray, but God is with us in our mistakes. It is easy to be deceived.

We know our battle is not with flesh and blood. So I pray Jehovah Nissi fights my every battle and ultimately releases me from my misery.

He keeps telling me He has great plans for my future and will make up for everything the locusts have taken.

I praise God today. I encourage my fellow believers to not lean on your own understanding and to stay patiently waiting for Jehovah every step of the way.

God bless you all.

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