Emotionalism Politics

Friends and voters around the world, I urge you to vote based on principle and not emotionalism. Our political parties seem to be at each other’s throats-throwing cutting remarks at each other for their own personal or partisan agenda. I think it is important to vote on values. Vote on principles. Vote on a strong, righteous platform. The salt and light of the world needs to contend with the angry mob of unsettled people, whether in office, in our neighborhoods, or on the street. We need to keep the light of Christ in our laws, in the forefront of the issues we vote on.

It is not people we vote for. It is the heart-beliefs of these people that will infiltrate our country-for better or for worse.

Vote for what their actions show. Vote for the good to be preserved in our Godly nation. There is still good to fight for around us, but we cannot be quiet, we cannot be still when it comes election time. We the People need to vote for what is right and Godly in our beautiful country.

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