Fall Fun

This season is my favorite for so many reasons, but one of them comes from carving out pumpkins with my kids.

As we stuck our hands in gooey mess this afternoon and the kids marked their designs on their pumpkins, we had fun talking about pumpkins and thinking about our favorite parts of fall and Halloween. The kids are excited to light up their jack o’ lanterns.

We went to our church for the fall festival tonight and the kids brought home huge bags of candy from the games they played. I told them as we climbed back into our car tonight to “pause” and praise the Lord. We did and then came home. Jehovah Jireh provided for our needs and wants tonight. I am truly grateful.

I am thankful to recover from a sinus cold and write papers and reflect on all that God is doing in our lives.

I truly believe God is continually working in our favor each day providing for us a hope and future.

God is good!!!

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