Beautiful Rocky Mountains

As I look upon the mountains and behold the beauty of the Lord, I am overwhelmed by His majesty. How small is my life, how fragile my body, how strong is God Almighty.

We received an ornament from Spring Canyon for our tree this Christmas. How precious it will be to us. It says, Faith can move mountains. It is true. Faith can. It makes me think of areas of my life where I desire more faith. A little is there, flickering at times, where once great faith stood. I ask God on this trip to increase my feeble faith and make it strong once again.

Will my dreams still come to pass? I believe they will. My calling, my dreams…they will still come to pass because God brought them into being and God will bring them to fruition. Not me. Hallelujah!!! And either way, there is a story being written that is much, much larger than me…and my dreams.

I love the mountains. My family comes from the mountains. The Appalachian mountains. They are strong. And I must be too. God gives me strength to keep going, while His promises bring security and safety to my heart. I believe. I trust. But not in something changing or fickle…in the Rock.

This is my favorite name of Christ right now. The Rock.

I am staying in the 4th room in the Veteran’s Memorial Lodge. This is my 4th stay at Spring Canyon. Our room has a nameplate that says “The Rock.” I am staring at an unmovable huge mountain of rock. And contemplating the Faith moves Mountains verse. It is all so beautiful to encompass and takes time to sort through. But I know that Faith in God brings life to the Soul. And it can move mountains. Because God says it can.

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