Carrying our cross

This Easter was memorable for me..and not just from Easter Egg dying, or finding baskets, or making delicious meals, or managing to give Lewis a haircut and getting all 3 kids their baths before Sunday School…or the 4 hour ER trip we made Sunday night, but as I showed the kids part of the movie, The Passion, the kids were able to see “the cost” of their sin. And I noticed something I had not focused on before-the fact that Jesus could not carry his cross alone. Surely, God could have made it so He could have, but God the Father and Jesus chose to have this scene, where Jesus demonstrates His need for help. I was comforted by this fact. It helps me know that sometimes the cross is just too heavy for us to carry alone. And sometimes our body just cannot hold up to manage the weight any longer.

His did too.

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