This is God’s Word to me this week as I feel the Holy Spirit’s prompting to MOVE. Flee evil. I’m not going to win against giants that are more we’ll established than I am.

Sometimes, God gives you the grace to get through the hard, sometimes He tells you to flee. He tells me that He is with me, is behind every door. I am shocked that people can call themselves Christian and act the way they do.

I am thankful to be with my beautiful 3…surrounded by their unconditional love. I am excited for our move. Things are moving quickly and I sense God guiding me through every detail.

I am truly grateful and walk forward in forgiveness. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do. I know God will fight the giants for me, and I am not intimidated.

Next semester is exciting. Our future is exciting. I am truly leaning on Christ and grateful for all He has done.

Fantastic moments I had this week:

#1: I got to explain to a kiddo a concept that I had not thought of before. A little one said to me (after her project fell apart) that she was just a loser…what??? I said, “where is this coming from?” “ Why would you say that about yourself?” “Because your house came apart?” Her reply: “yes, and because another girl called me a loser.” She paused and said…with big tears in her eyes, “and my God just died.”

Ok. Stop right here. What?! Then, I thought about it. I think I have a little Amelia Bedelia…she definitely had taken Easter literally. She was right. Christ did die. And if that was the end, we truly are in deep trouble!!! But, I said “Did you hear the part about Jesus coming back alive again?” Her: “No.”  Oh, how it is my delight to tell this part to a attentive audience! I told her about Christ’s resurrection and her eyes came alive! I told her that her God was not dead, he was surely alive!!!

Huge highlight of my week!

#2: I finished my semester off strong!!!

#3: I love all the options of homes we get to move into!

#4: I have the most amazing friends!

#5: Great Awana ceremony!

#6: Kids doing great academically!

#7: Fun sleepovers!

I truly am grateful. This week holds a lot of decisions. I have a fantastic realtor. I take my last exam-the GACE tomorrow.

We are in need of prayers for our move and important decisions.

Praise God for who He is and all that He can do.

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