Playing Favorites?

It is a struggle for most parents I think. And lately, I have seen for teachers too. My friend noticed I have one child who is easily adored by many. She is so very lovable. She has the cutest voice, beautiful face, is obedient, and has a enjoyable and helpful, loving personality. My friend asked me on our walk the other day, is it hard for you to not have favorites? I said emphatically, “no.” I love them all equally, but sometimes I don’t like their behavior. And when I discipline, I make sure they know, it is your choice I am disciplining, and that I don’t approve of.

I love each of my beautiful gifts, whether they are acting likable one day or not.

Lord, give me a deep love for them that transcends understanding. They need that kind of love.

Homeschooling begins in less than two weeks!!!

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