Playing Favorites?

It is a struggle for most parents I think. And lately, I have seen for teachers too. My friend noticed I have one child who is easily adored by many. She is so very lovable. She has the cutest voice, beautiful face, is obedient, and has a enjoyable and helpful, loving personality. My friend asked me on our walk the other day, is it hard for you to not have favorites? I said emphatically, “no.” I love them all equally, but sometimes I don’t like their behavior. And when I discipline, I make sure they know, it is your choice I am disciplining, and that I don’t approve of.

I love each of my beautiful gifts, whether they are acting likable one day or not.

Lord, give me a deep love for them that transcends understanding. They need that kind of love.

Homeschooling begins in less than two weeks!!!

One thought on “Playing Favorites?

  1. Hi sweetie! I applaud you for remaining impartial, but I think there are certain traits possessed by each one that endear them to us, maybe those traits we encourage. Wow, are you going to home school again? God’s blessings!
    Love Aunt Sharon

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