Letting go of our grip

I have seen too many times in my life and road of navigating relationships that the tighter we hold on, the worse it can get. My kids, I want more than anything, to turn out right. I teach them, I demonstrate that teaching by example, I pray for them, I protect them, but ultimately, I’ll have to let them go free. I find parenting to be a gradual release of the reigns. I am seeing every day my super independent kids learning new skills and growing in knowledge and abilities. I want them to be free. But, I hope they don’t stray from our faith and the truth that we know in the Bible and in Christ Jesus. This, I have to release in God’s hands and know He will pursue them as He has me. This is God’s promise to me and He never breaks a promise! Love will bring them closer, not force. And God knows how to get my children’s hearts and keep them.

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