Each year the Lord highlights something special for me for each Christian holiday. Tonight, on the eve of Lent, as my children lay sleeping, I am reflecting on what just happened in my home last Saturday night, as I was preparing for a small V-day party at my home. The refrigerator went out due to a storm Saturday night, and I lost all my food. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but now I am thinking, wow, there is no meat in the fridge and lent is about to begin. I really am contemplating this fact without any spin or opinion. I am also taking it as an urge to fast from meat for lent. Sugar hopefully too. But, definitely meat. I am praying for the strength to go deeper in my fasts in pushing past the pain of hunger. I pray I can do this. I pray I can grow the most during this lent than any other ♥️

Jesus is my mentor and example in his rigid 40 day fast. Fasting always involves temptation. May I tap into the mental and physical strength of Christ to pass the test like He did.

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