Our Ultimate Provider!

A few months ago, I moved into my new home and unfortunately my HVAC was non functional and actually dangerous for us to live in. If it had been working, we could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning. I could have gone to court. I had a good case. I even found a lawyer who wanted to meet, discuss it, and possibly represent me. I prayed. I felt God say to not go to court against another Christian. The inspector said it was an honest mistake. The realtor backed up the inspector (not me), and said it was freak accident. I knew it to me the result of a poor inspection and none of the above. I asked for a refund and did not get it. I decided to let it go and trust my invisible God, which can be so hard sometimes. I estimated costs for HVACs, which totaled between 7,000 to 10,000. I was already trying to pay off the last of my debt. The end of the story is what brings me so much joy. A scholarship fund paid for it, seeing it as an immediate necessity. After two and a half months of freezing through the winter, we had a brand new HVAC. I saw God provide again. I gave the inspector a warning that his method of not even opening the HVAC to inspect it, and putting tiny writing: “make sure you have the HVAC inspected upon moving in” at the bottom of his report, was not sufficient and could kill people. Hopefully, he learned his lesson. And I learned to trust God once again. 🙏

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