All Saints Day

Let us celebrate Halloween a different way. Fall festivals, activities, costume fun. Let’s celebrate the change of season and the gift of life that God has given us. I dread the scare tactics and unseemly fun and oodles of candy to overcome. As a mom of three, I want my kids to celebrate the beautiful […]


God Bless our president for freeing prisoners detained overseas, held unjustly. God bless him for trying to mend relationships with foreign leaders. May He continue to do so! Peace be to the World!

Emotionalism Politics

Friends and voters around the world, I urge you to vote based on principle and not emotionalism. Our political parties seem to be at each other’s throats-throwing cutting remarks at each other for their own personal or partisan agenda. I think it is important to vote on values. Vote on principles. Vote on a strong, […]

Genesis 28:15

” I will be with you wherever you go.” What a beautiful promise to lay hold of today. As many in our area were without power from Hurricane Michael, I am grateful now for the 3rd major Hurricane that we have not lost power or food. I thank God for blessings such as these. I […]

National Crisis

It is so sad to me the state of our democracy. Pray for our country for unity and the salvation of many of our leaders. Pray for Godliness to be restored. Pray for sanctification and boldness for other leaders who can make a difference. Lord, I pray for you to work miracles in our nation […]

Body slide :)

My kids are so easily entertained… 🙂 We did the body slide today, while going over AWANA verses for AWANA. I love that my kids still like doing their verses and a fun short aftermath activity was the body slide. The kids proceeded to climb in my lap and slide or roll down my legs […]