Tonight, as I baked chocolate chip cookies and got ready for our move, I contemplated what makes me truly happy: tonight, I am so thankful for Jesus, always longing to press into Him deeper. But I am on a path towards Him, noticing Him, hearing Him, filled up by Him and just so very thankful […]


Have you felt a loss of passion? Maybe for certain things/activities/pursuits? I think it is important to guard your heart and keep your passion. Let your heart feel alive for something. Block out all the negative and replace it with TRUTH. This week I am focusing on keeping my heart protected and staying passionate about […]


It is so important to be accurate with our words. To explain things with words that accurately and correctly give our audience a good picture of what we saw or experienced. The more accurate, the more integrity, which can have a ripple effect, and bless those who hear our words.

Feeling pain

A natural human response to physical pain is to want to make it stop. Emotional pain is no different. I have ways of coping, the main strategies are finding Scripture and distraction. Some pain doesn’t ever go away, it just heals. And it is better left in the past. Today, as I fast and realize […]


The Lord is teaching me how to love. He is helping me lay down my life. He is pulling out roots of bitterness and chains of selfishness. In this way, I can be more like Him! Serving and loving the way He loves is the greatest fulfillment I can have in this life. May the […]


I feel words flow from a metaphor laying on my heart today. My sweet dog, Dakota, loves me so much that even when I shower in the morning, he is outside laying in the grass fixated on the shower window. After my shower today, I went over to the dining room to look through the […]


This Word echoes in my heart and mind lately. I have a choice to trust and receive the Peace that the Peace Giver gives, or to remain in worry and fear. What happens if we view ourselves as a peaceful people? What happens if we really trust God…even with our less than prudent decisions? That […]