I am writing a book on healing right now. I’d love to hear comments from my followers about real experiences they have had witnessing Jehovah heal them or other people. It must be a healing your own eyes experienced and I’d love it if you could be as descriptive as you are comfortable, but to […]

Feeling content

I love the realization that comes when I feel alone often and content. Content with God’s presence, content with the present, content with the future, content with God’s protection. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s a beautiful thing to be content in the Lord.


This upcoming week will be exciting to hear back some important news. I’ve heard it said that waiting with a “happy heart” is called patience. So, this week I’ll do that while filing papers! 🙂


As I went for a run today in the hot Georgia sun, I enjoyed soaking up the beautiful flowers in the area and the radiant blue sky. How necessary and wonderful it is to soak up the beauty of nature. It is important to be deliberate about enjoying beauty around us every chance we get.