Psalm 23- 17-18: “Surely there is a future and your hope will not be cut off.” As I sit next to a sweet teacher friend whose last name is Hope…as I wonder how in the world I am going to finish this semester well…and help my sweet kids feel loved during all of this–My heart […]

Opportunities to plant seeds.

Ultimately, we are all gardeners…whether we realize it or not. We plant seeds every day. Seeds of love, kindness, patience, and most importantly, God’s truth. I see opportunities each day to offer encouragement, a helping hand, to speak truth in love, and to remind my kids of what is good and true and right. They […]

Agonizing pain

One of the most agonizing pains I’ve ever experienced on this earth is not knowing about the salvation of someone I love. It makes me cringe, it makes me long, it makes me try, and yet still, the choice is in the loved ones’s hands. Ultimately, it is between them and God. It keeps me […]


A year that will be lived with Immanuel. A year that will be full of God’s goodness. A year that will end with a teaching degree and Lord willing, a job teaching. I am really excited for this year! May this year be full of God’s love for each of you.

Beautiful Rocky Mountains

As I look upon the mountains and behold the beauty of the Lord, I am overwhelmed by His majesty. How small is my life, how fragile my body, how strong is God Almighty. We received an ornament from Spring Canyon for our tree this Christmas. How precious it will be to us. It says, Faith […]

God’s Glory

God never intended us to live for our own glory, to push our own agenda. He never intended us to wave our tassels around. Lord, help me to live a peaceful and quiet life. Lord, help me to honor you with not just my lips, but my heart and all my thoughts and actions too. […]

Keep Holding On

Sarah Young writes an incredible devotion for kids called Jesus Today. I loved today’s devotion as it helps us delve into the promise of God that heaven belongs to those who believe. So much in this world is constantly in flux, changing every day sometimes. This devotion reminds us to cling to Christ and His […]