Sacred Marriage

Our gift of a Sacred Marriage (in progress!)

As I reflect today on God’s purpose for marriage, I am reminded that even in marriage, it doesn’t have to do with us. Everything is for the purpose of the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ. As a wife, I am called to set an example of purity in following Christ to my husband. I am called also to encourage, inspire, help, strengthen, build up, and lift up my husband to be the man God is calling him to be. I see a wife’s role as similar in nature to the Holy Spirit’s role–the encourager, the helper, the energizer. In a place of humble and proper submission, I am called to help strengthen and refine my husband gently, but confidently, loving him all the while as God would love him. If I enable or correct or nag or manipulate, I delay God’s holy and good work in him. If I play my proper role, denying myself (and trusting God to meet my needs with a thankful heart every time he does), my sweet husband will be called to a choice throughout the day–to choose Jesus and grow closer to Him…or to choose the Enemy and fulfill his own needs. But, that is between my loving husband and His Lord. If I don’t play my role properly, I either prevent my husband from experiencing that choice–or experiencing the consequences of the wrong choice (an “enabler”)…or I become the controlling wife–ensuring I take things into my own hands to make him experience the consequences (that I deem appropriate!?).

I thank God today that He is showing me how to be vulnerable-how to trust Him with my heart and my needs–knowing He is protecting me and defending me and providing for me–and I thank Him for the opportunity to STEP OUT OF THE WAY, FULFILL MY PROPER ROLE, and watch my sweet husband grow closer to His Saviour! What a sweet reward! May God grant me wisdom, patience, and faithfulness to TRUST HIM and to die to my sinful flesh every day…as well as to carry whatever “cross” He sovereignly appropriates to me, with dignity, grace, and love. Thank-you Jesus for this reminder, may it stay ever present on my heart today and all days.

One thought on “Sacred Marriage

  1. I was overwhelmed by your words in the blog. My heart was encouraged and convicted at the same time! Its wonderful to see your heart and relationship with the Lord! I am taking these words to heart and prayerfully going to seek the Lord in all that you have shared! Praise the Lord for His mercy and Grace and renewing Love every moment of every day! I am yet as rags and He restores me and makes me beautiful every day!

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