Trip to a Lake…in the desert!!!

Fun Day Swinging and Boating with Lewis

We got to go to a beautiful lake to go boating this past weekend, courtesy of some sweet friends 🙂  We got a big surprise upon arrival–waterskiing!  I was shocked…and wondering how in the world I would remember how to do it since I haven’t waterskied since I was a young girl.  With some help from a great coach, and a short, sweet prayer, up out of the water I went…until my arms got tired…it was SO much fun and a GREAT surprise!!!

Lewis loved the boat!  He loved the swing and he loved the water.  What a great day.  So thankful for such a sweet day of basking in God’s glorious creation…and enjoying it to its fullest.

2 thoughts on “Trip to a Lake…in the desert!!!

  1. thanks so much for your blog, beautiful pictures, good to see you all. I loved your writing about being a wife following the Lord. Took me many years to get to that place, you are a fast learned.

    Bless you all,


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