Refiner’s Fire

He Refines us and makes us PURE

This song was echoing on my lips last night.  God kept me awake much of the night singing it in my head.  And today, I realized why.  It is on my lips and guarding my heart.  Thank-you Jesus for your song.  And thank-you for preparing my heart.

Purify my heart
Let me be as gold and precious silver
Purify my heart
Let me be as gold, pure gold

Refiner’s fire
My heart’s one desire
Is to be holy
Set apart for You, Lord
I choose to be holy
Set apart for You, my Master
Ready to do Your will

Purify my heart
Cleanse me from within
And make me holy
Purify my heart
Cleanse me from my sin
Deep within


Is your faith being tested right now?  Are you being refined by the fire?  Know this: 1) God won’t give you more than you can handle and 2) He has sovereignly let this pass through His holy hand, IN HIS GOODNESS, to bring about growth and maturity in you.  He is USING it to CONFORM YOU to the image of HIS SON.  And this, my sweet friends, is a gift of a perfect father’s love.  Thank-you Jesus for refinement.  Thank-you for your Spirit’s sustainment through the fire, and thank-you for the beauty and purity that comes out of that fire–a reflection of your beauty and purity.  The fire makes you STRONG for HIS GLORY.

3 thoughts on “Refiner’s Fire

  1. Dawn, I haven’t heard this song in years. THANK YOU for posting it. I needed to be reminded of the message and have a new song to teach my children. Thank you, thank you!! 🙂

    One note that I wanted to mention… our pastor spoke a message recently on God’s will and he posed an interesting statement that I had never heard before. He proposed that the Lord actually DOES give us more than we can handle. And through doing so, we have to run to Him to help us. He uses those situations that are outside our ability to handle to conform us to His will and cause us to rely on Him that much more. I thought that was a very interesting perspective on a phrase that I have used and heard all my life… that we aren’t given more than we can handle by the Lord.

    Just a few thoughts to ponder… Thank you for this message! 🙂


    1. Thanks Sarah for all your sweet and insightful comments! I think it is a matter of wording on this one Sarah–the Lord will not give you more than you can handle (in the sense of an overwhelming burden)…another words that He knows what you can handle, even if you do not, and won’t let you be crushed or go past the point where you can bear. He is our strength and He will push us into our uncomfortable zones..he will expand our horizons…but, He won’t give us more than we can humanly bear. He is a gentle Father and lays it out for us, day-by-day, drawing us nearer to Him, but not giving us too much on any particular day to where we crumble. HE KNOWS HOW MUCH WE CAN HANDLE!!! Even if we don’t! Praise Him for the awesome love of a PERFECT Father in Heaven.

      1. Yes, I agree with you. I think you’re right. He knows exactly how far to stretch us in order for us to grow in those dark valleys. Thank you, Lord, for the valleys, even though they are difficult to bear. I know it is in those moments that we grow the most. Thanks for your insight!! 🙂

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