God’s Promises and Blessings

Another rainbow in the desert!!!

You would not believe the amount of rainbows we’ve had in the desert lately! So many storms and so many rainbows…it seems nearly everywhere we turn, there is a rainbow. I think rainbows are amazing. They remind me that God sends us His PROMISES during times of storm in our lives. God lets it rain a little, but then He reminds us of His promise to not let it flood. He gives us HIS SPIRIT to get through the storms and then reminds us of His promises to give us JOY and HOPE. I am so thankful to see visual reminders of His promise of old to help me remember the promises He gives us in His WORD.

Sweet Hannah "Boo"

My kids are also great reminders to me of His great love for me. I feel incredibly blessed and loved every time I look into into their faces. They reflect His beauty to me and show me how much He loves me. God’s LOVE is EVERYWHERE. I hope you feel His arms around you and can see all the intimate ways He loves you today and every day.

Our Pooh Bear/Pumpkin All Grown Up

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