Incredible Growth in this Little One

Incredible Big Brother

I cannot believe how much our sweet Lewis has grown the past week. All the way up to about a week ago, I have felt like every few minutes (sometimes seconds), I have had to discipline/coach/teach/address Lewis because of something he was saying or doing that I knew was not pleasing to the Lord (or might not be pleasing to the Lord once full grown!). Many times I have wept. Many times I have prayed. Many times I have really wondered how he would turn out. I have poured myself into this little boy. I have prayed quite often for the Spirit to pour more into me because of total exhaustion with him. God has answered EVERY prayer we’ve had for Lewis. He has shown me over and over that Lewis is His little boy: His treasure; His gift; His bundle of joy and that parenting him is a gift given to us. I am so thankful for this gift. And I am so thankful for what the Lord has done in Lewis’ heart. Thank-you Jesus for creating an incredible little boy. Thank-you for the gift to parent him. Thank-you for answering my prayers and showing me how to Shepherd his heart every day, moment by moment. HE IS AMAZING!!! The REWARD of parenting HIS way is ALWAYS worth all the work involved. I love seeing the fruit of that reward. It keeps me going. I needed to see Jesus’ beautiful spirit in my little one today. I’m so thankful.

Loving Brother

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