A Journey to Soddo, Ethiopia (A partnership)

The Ayer 7 🙂
THIS Family is on a journey to Soddo, Ethiopia.  Right now, Dave Ayer is currently serving in the Army as a pediatrician.  Next Spring, he will transition out of the Army, and their family will be completely dependant on the Lord to provide for them as missionaries to Soddo.  They have prayed over God’s calling for years now.  God is sending them to take care of His people in Soddo.  Dave will continue his work in Soddo, helping to heal children (and anything else they may have him do as a doctor)…and Julie is going to help build/support a home for orphans there.  And their 5 children (one adopted from Korea) will spread God’s word wherever they go (they are living testimonies of His beauty and His joy).
My husband and I have had the opportunity to be blessed in many ways by this family.  They have impacted our Faith, our childrearing, our understanding of Scripture, and our love of Jesus (to name a few!).  We are SO grateful for their faithfulness to the Lord in being lights to Him wherever they go.  And now, they are getting ready to go off to another continent!  They are answering the call, however humbling and challenging it may be. 
On their family blog, ourgreatestjoy.com, they talk about their calling, their children, and their love of Jesus.  As they look forward to their time of departure, they are asking others to PARTNER with them in praying for them and if moved, to help support them financially (in any way that the Lord may lead).  They would love to connect with anyone desiring to partner with them in any way, and are very focused on having a relationship with those who choose to do so, and discipleship. 
Julie Ayer has asked anyone interested in “Running for Soddo” to run for their mission (with a purpose to focus on God’s plan for Soddo).  I felt God calling me to run…although I am not a great runner…and it has been quite interesting trying to train up for the race…but run nonetheless for the Ayer Family and for God’s mission for Soddo to be light to Ethiopia and Africa.
If you would like to support the Ayers in any way, let them know on their family blog:
If you would like to support me in my run to fundraise for them, let me know 🙂 
I will be running a half marathon on 22 January.  And every mile will be full of prayer and hope for their journey, their mission, their calling, and for God’s great plan for Soddo. 

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