My Hope is in Him

God's ways are higher than our ways...

As I look at my circumstances from time to time…I don’t necessarily SEE hope.  God’s Word calls us to walk by faith and not sight.  God’s Word tells us our Hope is in Him…not our circumstances.  Are any of you struggling with waiting on God’s answer to prayer?  I can relate to that right now.  As I looked at our prayer list this morning, I wondered “How Long O Lord?” 

Korea was a time of AMAZING and MIRACULOUS answer to prayer for our family.  It was really incredible.  We prayed.  God answered.  Then, we prayed for more.  God answered with more.  He did miracles right before our eyes.  My heart was on FIRE for Him.  I was so excited about the power of prayer!!!

The past year has been a season of testing for us.  My faith is tested in every way.  I want to BELIEVE in fullness of CERTAINTY…RIGHT NOW.  I don’t see a lot of things happening that I would LOVE to see.  I am praying His Will be done…I am confessing my sins (just in case that is the problem…)…and waiting.  It is SO hard when you are asking for things you know The Lord also desires….it tempts you to DOUBT. 

I have come to the point now in my faith that I don’t necessarily doubt God (read God’s answer to Job!!!  It is powerful!).  BUT, I doubt my understanding of His voice and His promises and His desires.  The only thing I can do is read more Scripture, pray more fervently, and seek Him more in everything.  And that is GREAT!  I feel like doubt always leads me to seek the Lord even further.  I think it is good when doubt leads you to do that.  BUT…it shouldn’t lead you away from the Lord.  Anything or any thought that leads you away from the Lord should be cast away.  The Lord doesn’t want you to have anything in your life that will lead you away from Him.  It is always a good thing for me to look at my life and see what is unpleasing to the Lord…and cleanse myself from it.  Everything I do this, I am drawn closer to Him.  I do this often.  It is surprising to me how quickly unholy things creep back up into our lives.  But, the Enemy is subtle and works slowly oftentimes.  Little decisions.  Little negotiations.  He is cunning. But, he has no power over you.  Cast him away.

My hope is in Him.  I trust in His POWER.  His Word.  His Promises.  His Sovereignty.  His Goodness.  As I wait…I am setting my heart on His qualities and picturing in my mind all the wonderful plans He has for me…and all those I love.

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