Be Holy, Because I am Holy

I’ve been thinking more about this one the past two days.  God’s call to be Holy, but not to be perfect.  As I was reflecting, I realized that God doesn’t want me to focus on getting everything right–the house clean, the kids dressed in nice clothes (I don’t know about your kids, but mine are NEVER totally clean!), just the right meals…at the right time, the right thing to say at the right time, etc—but, what He wants is for me to focus on my character and making the right choices throughout each day–to Choose Him…without fail.  I cannot do this of course in my own strength.  But, with God’s help…I can BE HOLY…because He is Holy and He will make it happen for me.  God doesn’t give me an impossible standard to leave me feeling like a failure all the time.  He doesn’t lower His standard for me either.  With His grace and mercy and help, He helps me obey more and more each day and look more and more like Him.  Thank-you Jesus!

Today was beautiful.  I did what I knew God wanted me to do..I poured out and was flexible and Still.  I had an awesome day with the kids, with no rigid plans…but a day of basking in joy and love with them.  They felt loved.  I felt loved and in favor with the Lord.  God even gave me wonderful gifts of unexpected peace to get rejuvenated today. 

Also, God has jumpstarted my faith in prayer again over the past few days.  He has responded to my plea to see prayer answered in amazing ways again…in incredible ways.  I am excited and ready to pray, pray, pray!  Thank-you Lord for granting me grace and for meeting the desires of my needy, needy heart once again.

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