The House of God

The Place of Worship

This morning I was thankful to be able to go to worship God in His house with His people.  It doesn’t always work out for our family, and there have been periods of time that it has been more stressful than beneficial…but, I wanted to test it again the past two weeks to see if we could manage.  Lewis has never had an easy time in nurseries, so he sits with me in the chapel.  I love that He loves being in the sanctuary with me.  He loves singing and especially loves holding the Holy Bible and “reading” it, along with the “music (hymnals).” 

Last week it was amazing.  We hadn’t gone in a bit because it simply wasn’t working for our family.  But, I wanted to try and see if it would work.  He did so well (only two bathroom visits).  He was so good!  I thought we’d try it again this week.  It went pretty well, but it was a bit more ‘busy’ than last time, especially with Hannah joining us towards the end from the nursery.  I kept praying, “show me when the moment is to leave,” because it was starting to get stressful.  BUT, then we started singing again 🙂  And I realized, even if I only get to hear the old-fashioned hymns once again…and sing together and worship the Lord…it is worth it.  I don’t have to hear the whole sermon.  God will meet me with that in my home as I seek Him.  Sometimes, we leave because it is simply too much for me to handle (especially with daddy not there two Sundays out of each month).  But, today, it was worth it to go and hear the songs and rejoice in my Savior and what He has done for me.

I love God’s house of Worship.  He isn’t confined by any man-made building.  But, He wants to meet us there…together…and unite us as believers and HIS children.  And He wants us to have a place to WORSHIP and ENJOY Him.  He is Worthy.  And I love worshiping HIM!!!

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