Discernment: My sweet husband’s example

“For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter, though a man’s misery weighs heavily upon him.” -Ecclesiastes 8:6

My husband often is a great witness to me in carrying out this principle.  I love how he works gently with people, displays so much self-control, and is patient.  Regardless of his feelings, he waits for the right time and prays for the right words to resolve situations.  This makes him a great witness at work and at home.  I love learning from him.  He’s such a great role model for me and I’m so thankful for him!!!  He is a PEACE-MAKER.  And that is one of my favorite characteristics about him.

Regardless of how heavily my feelings weigh upon me; regardless of who’s right or who’s wrong; regardless of any offenses committed; regardless of the situation, there is a proper time and procedure for EVERY matter!  This requires patience.  It requires self-control.  It requires obedience to how I know God’s wants me to act and speak.  God’s word applies to ALL situations…not just the easy ones.  It is so hard to make the right choice.  I can reason myself out of it pretty easily (a time when logic may not suit me so well….when I am using it for MY benefit..and not the Truth or the benefit of others).

I am thanking God today for my husband’s spiritual leadership.  I got to watch him carry out God’s word in a situation that was REALLY difficult for me to handle.  And God’s way worked and resolved a difficult situation for our family (actually several difficult situations!).  And my husband saved the day…several times over…all in the few hours he was actually home!  Poor guy 😦  What an incredible man he is and a great representation of God’s love to us as a husband and father.

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