“Sissy Boo”


our sweet pumpkin 🙂
Sweet Hannah Boo’s personality is really blossoming now.  She is finding her feet and using them to stand up and even take steps with help!  She has learned to keep her feet flat and is getting stronger and stronger!  She has lost weight with all this moving and her face is starting to look more and more like a toddler….mommy is sad to see her grow up.  She seemed like she was going to stay a baby forever!  BUT, I am so happy to see her blossom.  She is still quite reticent…but don’t be fooled, there is some STING in her!  She CAN be feisty… occasionally…especially if I don’t let her suck on those fingers 🙂  Those fingers are getting sucked raw.  It looks painful.  I cannot get her to stop sucking on them.  Nothing is working.  I am afraid I was quite a comfort sucker too when I was little 😦  She is too smart now to fool her with socks/mittens.  She gets so mad when she cannot suck on those fingers!  Watch out!  She’s a little angel until you mess with those fingers of hers!
Pumpkin Cuddles
She is beautiful and delightful.  She is gentle (most of the time).  She is graceful (I am amazed).  She is quiet, but busy moving around the house.  She listens well for her age.  I cannot remember Lewis ever listening so well!  🙂  She is creative and a problem solver.  She just figures so much out on her own.  She is independent, but is a little more cuddly now than she was as a baby.  I’m so thankful for more cuddles.  She loves to be around strangers (and get attention from them).  She loves to dance to music.  She loves being around people, but sometimes we have to go look for her to find her when she quietly creeps away.  She talks softly and is quietly communicative.  I have to listen HARD to hear her and often have trouble making out any of her words.  Big brother makes up for it though and talks the days away. 
More cuddles
This morning it was just me and Hannah and I was SO sad.  I love having Hannah time, but when Lewis is away it is way too noticeable.  It always leaves me missing him.  He is such a delight to our family!  And sissy misses him so much too.  She loves her big brother and he loves her.  One thing above all that I pray for my children so far is that they will be known for their love of Christ by their love of each other.  God is already answering that prayer in a powerful way.  I love seeing His plan for them unfold.  And I love seeing our humble pleas and prayers for our family answered.  I love seeing sibling love! 
Fall Fun 🙂
Sissy Boo is catching up and God is working in her life in powerful ways already.  I cannot wait to see more of His plan for her and to see more of His face through her and in her.  She is one of God’s greatest blessings to us and we are thankful every day for her.  What a beautiful girl she is–inside and out.  Thank-you God for our “Favored Grace.”

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