My greatest Calling :-)

Recently, I wrote about God giving me a glimpse of His calling for me, as part of the body of believers.  As I reflected, and throughout the next few days after I wrote the post, God reminded me once again of my greatest calling.  My greatest calling is to be a worker at home (Titus 2:4) right now.  I have a great ministry and it is to my family.  God’s will for me is to pour myself out to my husband and kids.  It is ALWAYS His greatest calling for me.  There are times where God calls me to minister in other ways outside the home…and often He gives me work to do for a time.  I listen attentively to His voice and follow His leading to where He wants me to minister.  The Spirit leads and I obey, even when it is difficult.  BUT, God’s will is never for my family to spiritually suffer.  I know that God will never call my family to spiritually suffer on account of a ministry God “may” have for me outside the home.  My family is called to sacrifice at times when I do minister to other people…but they will never be called to spiritually struggle on account of me being absent in their lives. 

There are times when I LONG to minister outside of the home as well…but, I have also learned that ministry that isn’t Spirit led, isn’t going to be fruitful ministry.  It has to be God calling me to it, and the opportunity being available, and evidence of God blessing it in my life at that time.  If my family is struggling, it is never the time. 

Recently, I thought God was calling me to a ministry outside the home.  I was almost certain of it!  Everything seemed right.  I had my husband’s blessing, my children seemed to be “ok” :-), and there was an opportunity for it.  It turned out it wasn’t quite the right time, but I wondered why.  Shortly after, all sorts of things happened in our family life that called me home to minister to the needs of my family.  This is the second time this has happened for me.  Last time, I was asked to a position, and it seemed once again to be the right timing by appearance, but then I ended up on bed rest in my pregnancy with my second child for 5 weeks.  It was definitely not the right time!  Sometimes, it seems to be the right time to us, but God knows our future and we have to be certain it is His timing.

The first time, I was asked, but didn’t feel called.  The second time, I felt called, but not asked.  I am thinking right now, from my understanding, that both factors (and my husband’s blessing) are necessary!  It has to be the right TIMING.  We won’t know why the timing isn’t right…perhaps until later…if the Lord desires to reveal it to us…but in retrospect, we will know that the Lord’s timing is the very best timing.

For now, I am delighting in my greatest calling of all: My sweet family.  And the more I pour out, the more growth and fruit I see.  First from Him, then poured out, as another friend taught me.  It is one of the most fulfilling, tangible, and satisfying ministries I could ever have.  And, I was made perfectly for it in every way.  If I am faithful, it will be fruitful.  And a Godly family is the greatest witness I could have.

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