3rd Week of Advent

I still feel there is much more to be cleansed from our hearts and home, so we are going to make a MONTH of cleansing.  Everywhere I turn, God is calling me to live a SIMPLE life.  He is telling me to get rid of EVERYTHING that distracts me from him or leads me into sin.  It is a huge calling on my heart right now, so I think it is going to take some time.

My desire for this week is that we keep focused on Christ this week.  Next week, it will be easy for me to remember, because Christmas is right around the corner.  But, I always regret getting to Christmas and feeling like I haven’t made Christ my focus until then.  Or when Christmas itself isn’t focused on Him.  BUT, I don’t want any cookie cutter ideas of what Christmas should be like either (total devotion to Christ and peace and reflection).  As long as my HEART is centered on Him: His coming, His sacrifice, His glory, and His calling to us…then it really doesn’t matter what happens on Christmas.

This week we are doing a nativity set that some sweet friends so thoughtfully gave us.  It is called “What God wants for Christmas.”  It is really fun for the kids and reminds them, as they open fun boxes with figures for the nativity set (along with stories, Scripture, and poems to be read along with placing the figures on the set), they discover that the greatest thing God wants from them is their hearts.  It may seem a little early to start with a 3 year old and a 1 year old, but if there is anything I have learned so far in parenting, it is that it is NEVER to early to start teaching my kids about the Lord: His desires for them, His sacrifice, and His ways.  That is our greatest joy in parenting-to see our kids display their LOVE for Jesus in very tangible ways.  Kids love Christ more fully and deeper than anyone.  And it is so beautiful. 

Lewis has begun to give “gifts” to God.  His latest gift is a pillow stuffed with his most precious belonging: teddy.  He puts it under the Christmas tree for the Lord.  Lewis has always been a gift giver.   We see him beginning to understand what it means to “give your heart” to Jesus.  We have seen changes in his heart lately that are unbelievable to us.  And it is a special season to see those changes.  It reminds us that every second of work that goes into parenting is so worth it.  The Lord is transforming his heart and the hearts of his daddy and mommy.

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