Blast from the Past: A Love Story

Our computer crashed the past week or so, but my hero got it running again 🙂 

I spent the last week going through boxes of memories.  I was quite sentimental and kept every letter anyone had ever sent me!  And there were lots of journals too!  Lots of pictures.  Lots of reading.  Lots of memories.  As I went through everything, I could see the Lord’s handprints all over my life.  He was everywhere.  It brought me to tears.  Scripture was everywhere; His messengers were everywhere.  It is amazing to me that even before I knew and loved Him, He knew and LOVED me.  He beckoned and called me.  He was with me every step of the way.  He protected me, comforted me, called me to Him, and now He gives me a purpose for Him.  I am SO grateful for everything He has done for me!  And I love to spread His love and His Word to others who He has called to love and serve Him.

I’m looking forward to creating an album with the pictures that tell the story of my life: my testimony: How God has called me to Him, how He has loved me, refined me, taught me, sanctified me, and DRAWN me to Him.  It will be a wonderful project!!! 

As for all those rest of boxes, it took a LONG time to go through them!  What remains is a small picture of the overall picture.  The letters I read will be forever engraved into my memory.  The pictures will be created into a beautiful album to always remind me of His love story to me.  The love from everyone I carry with me.  The lessons I have been taught I will remember forever.  And the rest of the past will be left in the past. 

What is YOUR story?  What is YOUR testimony?  How has God beckoned you to Him?  How has He shown you His love for you?  It is wonderful to look into the past to see His love for us–in the Bible and in each of our individual lives…His love is unending and incomprehensible.  It helped me see how I’ve arrived where I am right now.  And it gave me a glimpse of where He may lead me in the future.  I am thankful for all the ways He has loved me.  I am content where He has me right now.  I am really excited about where He will lead me in the future!!!

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