A little heart’s transformation

Big Heart in a Brother
I have been thinking about Lewis a lot lately and the changes he has gone through the past few weeks and month.  Up until a few weeks ago, it was always been a back and forth growth pattern in behavior and all sorts of things for him.  It took so much work and God would give me glimpses every now and then of the incredible boy he was and would become.  I have been praying for so long that there be no more major backsliding with him…that the Lord would let us just see continual growth.  And the Lord has answered our prayers at last!  I know he’s going to have phases and moments…we all do…but just no more major backsliding or emotional roller coasters or parenting challenges all day long each day.  We are THERE.  We have ARRIVED!  I thought it might be 3 1/2 or 4, but I am thinking we are there now at 38 months.  There is so much more work to be done.  There is a lifetime of work!  But, something major has changed in this little boy’s heart.  The Lord had brought about a major change in him and I am so thankful. 
I love his smiles 🙂
I can see the change in everything he says, his motivations, his obedience, his thought patterns…everything.  Part of it is that he grew up a LOT in the past few weeks.  I can tell he is a really big boy now.  But, the other part is his heart.  I think Hannah’s phase right now has really helped us out lately!  She is in a phase of testing (in a normal 16 month old way).  Lewis told her in the corner of our living room the other day, while they were playing with toys: “Hannah, I love you very much.  I love being your big brother, but you have to listen to mommy and daddy and make right choices.”  Brian and I just froze.  Did we just heart that from his mouth???!!!  I wanted to cry.  One more sign to me that he’s a big boy now and the Lord has done a major work in him.  Between 2 and 3 with him has been the TOUGHEST year.  It has been a LONELY year (Lewis was quite aggressive for some time and had trouble communicating his desires/frustrations…this did not play out very well at play dates…).  In fact I could not leave him anywhere (without a lot of negative feedback/difficulty/frustration).  I cannot believe how hard it has been.  It is one of those things where you look back and are not entirely sure how you made it through it.  The Lord guided us the whole way through it.  I cannot believe the changes that have taken place in him.  I am SO thankful.  I am not sure who learned more though…Lewis or mommy…but it has been worth every moment. 
Look how tall he is!
He reasons so well now.  He is beginning to understand so much.  He has such a soft, sweet spirit.  He is full of joy.  Full of life.  He loves his sister more than anything.  He has a teacher’s heart.  He loves so deeply and cares so much.  He loves to laugh.  He loves to play rough.  He loves to be right next to us all the time.  He loves to dance and listen to music.  He loves the whole family to be together.  He loves to go on trips.  He brings joy and life to our family.  We cannot imagine our lives without him.  He is simply AMAZING.
What a Face! He was so happy to transition to a big boy bed!!!


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