Post-Advent :-(

This is always a tough time for me.  I am not entirely sure why, but I think with all the excitement, joy, and anticipation of the Advent Season…I feel a bit sad afterward that it is all over.  BUT, truly, it is only beginning!  Christ’s birth was the beginning of what was to be the most powerful and penetrating teaching–teaching that transforms hearts and transforms lives.  I think perhaps I will focus on that teaching–reading the gospel in particular, so that when Easter comes, it will show me the span of Jesus’ life and teaching before His resurrection. 

Brian and I looked at each other today and said, “Now what?!”  Brian said, “We can make our own holidays to spice things up between now and Easter.”  I loved that idea.  Creating family traditions is wonderful to me!  We will be thinking of ways to keep focused on Jesus now that Christmas is over.  We are not entirely sure what that will look like, but I think over the years, our year will be packed with events and celebrations and family surprises to keep us focused on Jesus all year round.  And particularly right after Christmas!!!  That way we are not so sad 😦

I know reading the Gospel again will be fresh and new to me after a particularly special Advent season (the first one I have ever spent totally focused on Christ, learning all the traditions of Advent), and wonderful and memorable Christmas.  I am excited to see what God has planned for my heart in this reading and what new things He will show me. 


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