“The Planner” and Encouragement

I was so encouraged by a friend this morning.  It reminded me of how IMPORTANT encouragement is to people.  You think that a little word here or there is not a big deal, but a friend’s words to me this morning, and time invested were incredibly encouraging.  As I let them sit on my heart, I know they will continue to encourage me.  I was able to pray once again with another believer and that is my greatest joy right now.  I know God will answer our prayers and I cannot wait to see them answered in His time and His way.

I was also reminded today of how important it is to trust the future with the Lord.  I was starting to get a bit sad that I could not set my heart on ANYTHING lately.  I kept saying to the Lord, “really, nothing?”  I wanted something to focus on, something to set my heart on!  At my stage in life right now, many things are out of reach or out of sight.  We do not know where we are going, even though we are likely to move in less than a year now (summer/fall time), we do not know what job my husband will have, etc.  We do not have certainty of our long-term calling or direction…and a lot of desires are left sitting on our hearts right now.  My friend today told me that it makes it so much sweeter when your dreams come true when they have sat for a long time.  The desire grows and it might have to be really strong to sustain the reality that may come with it! 

I’ve always been a planner.  Even at around age 8, I had my life planned until I was about 100.  My dad informed me gently that I may not live until 100…so I asked him how long I would live and he said probably until about 80.  I then re-wrote my life plan until age 80….the Lord had a lot to do in my little heart!  I had a lot of things to give to Him.  Here are some Proverbs that have helped me with this:

Proverbs 16: 9: “In His heart a man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.”

Jeremiah 10:23: “I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own, it is not for man to direct his steps.”

I know one thing I can set my heart on: HIM.  I can set my heart upon the Lord and doing His will.  And as He sees me being faithful to every little thing He gives me, perhaps He will entrust me with more.  It’s the little things right now.  BUT, I can see glimpses of the big things here and there (through the little things) and it is really exciting.  I shall trust our future with the Lord, not lose sight of the desires He is setting on my heart, and pray, pray, pray that He helps me focus on the PRESENT and SOAK it all up.  This is what I want more than anything right now–to focus on doing His will and Enjoying Him and Glorifying Him in the present things.  I can get lost in the future a lot.  But, the Lord is refocusing me on the present and it takes a lot of prayer for me to do that right now.  I’ve always had a bit of trouble focusing, but prayer works to help me with that too!

I am excited about the future and God’s great plans for us.  BUT, I am even more excited about the present and all the wonderful things God is doing RIGHT NOW.  As the new year comes, I know I will want to set goals and priorities and have a focus so we can meet those goals over the year.  BUT, we shall ask the Lord what HIS desires are for our family and go about setting our goals and priorities off of HIS big picture for our family.  When our goals are based of His will for our lives, they become attainable.  And that brings much joy when we are fulfilling His desires for us.

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