2011: Looking Back

Wow, what a year 2011 has been!!!

As my husband and I were conversing today on our walk with the kids…SO much has happened.  And for much of the year, it was unwelcome change and transition!  Wow!  But, we also said how the past month we have felt things start to change….  We seem to be coming out of that transition period, and as my husband said, “we may get to enjoy the fruit” of our labor and surrendering process this next year.  We are feeling it in our gut.  Perhaps this next year will bring more change (especially if there is a move somewhere in there!)…but, we can sense that this next year is going to be different from the last.  And that is what makes it so exciting!  It won’t be the same!  And, if we have learned a few lessons from the past year, it might be really awesome!

The desert has been a time of testing and refinement…as it was for many characters in the Bible…, but after those periods of testing, oftentimes, there came FRUIT.  We hope to have submitted to the Lord’s changes in our lives…and the “heart surgery” that has taken place…and we know it will be a continual process…but when the Lord tests and refines, He usually has a glorious plan on the other side…a beautiful golden treasure awaits for those who persevere.  May we continue to surrender and may He give us the grace to pass His tests so we can enjoy that treasure. 

May 2012 be the year of treasure!  But, whatever He has planned for us…more testing and refinement (it could very well be!), or a period of rest, healing, or treasure/fruit—it will be glorious, because HE is glorious and His plans are always amazing, no matter what they appear to us!!!

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