Tough choices and New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year begins, literally, on the first day of the new year, I saw that tough choices needed to be made.  The honeymoon bliss of Christmas had subsided…Lewis asked when Jesus’ birthday would come again….and I had to take down the decorations….all of this made me quite sad 😦 

We had been taught so much last year.  And on the first day of the new year, I felt it in my Spirit that the Lord was telling me: “I taught you what you needed to do…now is the time to make those tough choices and do the work.”  I didn’t make the right choices 😦 …and I realized that an unusual dose of the Holy Spirit had been sustaining and inspiring us the past few weeks…and now He had stepped back to see what choices we would make (another test!  Man, I was hoping they would subside for a little longer than 2 weeks…but life is full of tests is it not?).  I made the wrongs ones this time…but in the past, I would have made even worse choices!  So, I am making progress!!! 

I am ready for the hard decisions to be made.  I know He won’t let my foot slip.  I have longed to be taught how to make the right choices.  And the past year there has been a LOT of teaching from HIM.  Now, I am going to have to apply that teaching. 

The Word says:

“Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do, and doesn’t do it, sins.”   -James 4:17 

He has poured out His grace upon me because many times I didn’t know the good I ought to do…I had an inkling…but struggled to know exactly what I should be doing, so I asked Him to show me very specifically, and He did, and now I know the good I ought to do.  I cannot go back.  Going back means backsliding…and that is very unpleasant.  But, going forth requires change and tough choices.

I want to continue to grow and never to backslide.  I must continue to change and seek HIS plan for every moment of my life.  I am so glad that He directs my steps!!!  And He knows where I am going and has wonderful things planned for me 🙂

My New Year’s Resolution is for this next year in the desert to be a year of applying His teachings and continuing to be open to learn and let Him form me…to be flexible and attentive to HEAR His voice to learn more (requires a gentle, still and quiet spirit!!!), and submissive enough to let HIM lead me in the way I should go (requires surrender).

May I continue to surrender and seek to live a quiet life…yearning to hear and do His Will this next year.  May God give me the strength and the desire to do this.

Happy New Year 🙂

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