A faith unswerving

One of my favorite people, Mother Theresa, according to a book written about her- “Come Be My Light,” lived in darkness to lead those in darkness into light.  I have always been drawn to Mother Theresa–her work, her calling, her heart for Jesus.  God is showing me more and more to be faithful despite my feelings.  I am learning to not rest on my feelings that particular day or week…and simply know His commandments and obey them.  I know what is right.  Just because I may not “feel” particularly Godly one day…or “feel” His presence…doesn’t mean I should obey any less than on a day when His Spirit is enabling me.  I am learning to obey in that darkness that feels like an absence of His presence.  I know He will not forsake me and will never leave me.  I want to show Him my love for him no matter the feelings I have inside.  My heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9), but His Word is EVERLASTING.

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