A beautiful answer to a little heart’s prayer

My little ones have been quite sick the past week and a half or so.  My daughter was sick the first week and my son started throwing up the night before our ball and is continuing to have a tough time.  My husband and I knew that the ball and race wouldn’t work out for this weekend as we looked at both our kids throwing up and coughing.  My husband had to go to the ball anyway, because it was a mandatory event, and as he was gone and I was trying to put the kids down for their nap, my son started dry heaving once again and was crying out in pain.  There was nothing we could do but pray.  It is always a tough thing to pray for healing, especially with a little one, because their understanding of God’s healing and His timing and Sovereignty is so little at this point, but I cried out to God to calm Lewis’ tummy and to help him not throw up anymore.  I prayed with total confidence in Jesus’ name, but trusting in God’s sovereignty to do as He wishes.  Lewis cried out with me to Jesus.  Immediately, right after we prayed, his body calmed down and he lay, exhausted, back down in bed.  He drifted off to sleep (for a few minutes) and my faith was renewed.  The past two days, despite his continued sickness (he has a terrible cough now and fever), he has prayed to God for everything.  I love his heart for God.  And I loved seeing the Lord’s beautiful answer to a little heart’s prayer in our moment of need. 

Daddy surprisingly came home that night due to an unexpected turn of events, and helped me through the 7th night of waking up all night with the kids. 

There will be more balls and more races, but there will be no more todays to spend comforting my children in their time of need.

I am thankful for a wonderful train-up for the race and a great trial half-marathon run two weeks ago.  If I had known, 3 months ago, that the race wouldn’t work out, I wouldn’t have had the motivation to keep running.  The time of preparation did so much for my heart and body and I am SO thankful for it.  One day, the time for a race will be here!  I am looking forward to it when the time is right.  For now, I am thankful for my “prayer runs” and time to worship God and let him enable my body to run and enjoy it.  What a special time!

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