Guarding Your Heart

“Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”- Proverbs 4:23

I read this recently on ‘a woman of God’s’ blog: “Guarding your heart means; your mind, your will, your emotions. It’s something from inside that shows through your attitudes and actions, including what is said, seen and done.”

I liked this very much, because it was comprehensive in guarding my heart.  It shows that in order to guard my hearts, I must guard my MIND (not let any thoughts unglorifying to God or exalting themselves above the Word of God into my mind–casting them out), my WILL (surrendering my will unto God and not daydreaming or boasting about anything I might want to do or plan to do…but casting it to the Lord for HIM to bring to fruition in due time..and He will give me the go ahead to start planning when it is time!), my emotion (to be careful allowing strong emotions to guide my actions…but to keep them in check with the Word of God). 

I see that my thoughts are the greatest way I can guard my heart.  I must take each thought captive to Christ (on the inside).  Also, to watch what goes in my ears, my eyes, and therefore, influencing my thoughts (from the outside).  And then I must watch what comes out of my mouth…what I share with others, to ensure my heart is not attacked by the Enemy through others.  Guard the inside influences, guard the outside influences, and keep a tight reign on my tongue to prevent further attack onto my heart.  Do you see all the ways the Enemy tries to attack us?  I want to become a little more familiar with his ways (but not too much!!!!!), to be able to fight this spiritual battle more effectively.  I find that the Enemy gains ground without my knowledge and that really makes me mad!  I must BE ON MY GUARD!!!

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