Valentine’s Day :-)

This was probably the best Valentine’s Day I have had ever!  I have learned to be so thankful for God’s gifts, no matter how they come and focus on showing God’s love to others instead of wondering what will come my way 🙂   God blessed my attitude and poured His love out to me yesterday through my husband’s love…and there were hiccups…but, I was determined to focus on my sweet husband and our time together and our love rather than all the hiccups.  My heart was focused on being thankful and thinking about all the things I love about my husband…and I truly had an awesome time with him. 

I am thankful my husband and my ‘love languages’ match pretty well, so it is not too difficult to figure out how to love each other…although we do have some differences 🙂 ….but I think over our lifetime together, God will show me how to love him more and more.  And God seems to be uniting our ‘love languages’ as well, so we are learning to receive love and give love in a more similar way over time.

The past few days have been amazing as my prayer has been for God to show me how to connect with and love my husband and children more.  I am so humbled at how little I know about them!!!  I LOVED getting to know them more through HIS eyes…and not mine.  I want to do this SO MUCH MORE.  What an amazing husband and kids God has given me.  I am truly blessed by His overwhelming grace to me.

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