An encouraging thought for the Army :-)

As I was reflecting the other night about our future in the Army and God’s calling to our hearts right now, I got really excited!  The Lord showed me that we are all constrained by things.  I might think the Army quenches the Holy Spirit at times, but GOD IS SO SOVEREIGN and SO MIGHTY.  Do I really think the Army could constrain Him?  What a silly thought!

The Lord showed me that there are many ways to be constrained:  money, authority, mobility, health, sin (others and our own), obligations (whether children, spouse, job, or other), perceptions, understanding….wow, the list is countless!

I might think doing something else will be less constraining than the Army…because we would have more freedom to move with the Spirit…but, there will ALWAYS be so much that the Enemy will use to try to constrain the Spirit…but, that is where we need not fear—GOD IS SO BIG!!!!  No matter how we feel constrained (and there are so many ways), the Lord will use all sorts of ways to bring about His WILL and His Kingdom.

The Lord showed me so many ways that we have so much freedom in the Army.  We have free medical care, a constant flow of predictable money, and God can send us to be missionaries ANYWHERE, ANYTIME…really within about 2 weeks…to about ANYWHERE in the world!!! Woah!  Talk about opportunities for freedom to do God’s Will.  We might not think it is God’s will because it doesn’t necessarily match with our perceptions or understanding, but God doesn’t let anything slip through His hand without His knowledge and nod…and He brings about His beautiful plans for us through many ways.

Since there will always be ways that we will be constrained to have total freedom in the Spirit, I want our family to use the ways we do have freedom right now to BLESS others.  Since others might be constrained in different ways, we can use the freedoms God has given us right now, to bless them so they don’t feel so constrained!!!  Then, they will have more freedom in the Spirit too!  Praise God for the MUCH freedom He gives us despite the slavery of this cursed world.  The Spirit is freeing and Jesus came to free the slaves and give us freedom from bondage.  The Enemy will always be looking for ways to make us fall back into slavery and to prevent us from enjoying and pursuing that freedom…but JESUS has overcome it all…and literally nothing can stop Him.  Everything Satan does to destroy, God uses to His glory…and brings so much beauty and blessing from it.  We need not fear being slaves for we are FREE!!!


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