A stranger in this world…

This world cannot satisfy my soul…nothing in this world can fill me up like Him.  Everywhere I turn, I look for Him…wondering when He is going to come…wondering when He will redeem us to His loving arms…and in the meantime, finding BEAUTY in His creation….but wondering how it would have been without the curse. 

Oh Lord, Jesus, often I long for you and my soul waits upon you to REDEEM those that are yours.

I long for the place you are calling us to here on earth.  Where is it you will have us serve?  How are you grooming us as a family to minister?  I take joy in the moments each day RIGHT now that you have for us to be obedient and do your will.  But, much longing grows in my heart for your awesome plan for us…I know it is BIG.  I know it is amazing.  Because, you are an amazing God who has BIG plans to draw your children close to you.  I long to GO.  I long to minister to the HUNGRY in heart.  Where are they?  Who longs for you with all their soul O Lord?

My soul tires of those who reject you over and over again.  Where are the hungry people for you O God?  SEND US Lord Jesus to GO to them!!!  Help us give EVERYTHING we have to minister for YOU.  It is all yours to take.

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