Idle Thoughts

The Lord convicted me of so many thoughts gone wrong in the battlefield of the mind…because of idle thoughts.  I was not being present enough in each of my days and was lost often in my thoughts of the future or the past…or the possible future!  My mind seemed to be LOST.  I want to say it was for a few months…but I am wondering if it was longer than that….but I can’t tell…because my mind was literally in a FOG all the time.

As we were led to do a little more out of the home…and have recently had the freedom to do that (Hannah was a very particular napper and she has dropped her morning nap!), I was FORCED to keep somewhat of a schedule.  It was a very good thing for me!  I am late to a lot less things now 🙂  I am forgetting less and less things 🙂  And, my mind is focused more on the present.  I am normally not a very busy person…but, I am thankful for a little distraction right now while we wait upon the Lord’s answer to major callings of our hearts.  I really don’t know how long the Lord will take to answer!  So, I figured it was best to come out of that fog and stay focused! 

There is a temptation to be too busy…especially, when my sweet husband is in the field….BUT, I know that isn’t God’s will for us either (not to mention I could never keep a busy schedule!). 

Those idle thoughts can get my mind steered in the wrong directon…and I am ready to re-focus on Godly thoughts and to stay focused on the Lord’s tasks at hand until the time might come when big decisions have to be made.  Daydreaming is going to subside, and presence of mind and Scripture-based thought is going to replace, so there is no void for the Enemy in my mind. 

As the sun comes out here in the desert and my kids become easier to handle out and about (and my husband comes home from the field TOMORROW!!!)…we get to enjoy a beautiful season in the sun, enjoying being around people and being OUTSIDE…which makes us ALL happy 🙂

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