Unified Hearts

Lately, I have been asking the Lord to show me what unified hearts look like in a marriage.  There are so many times when my loving husband and I see things differently…we have such different personalities…such different perspectives…even different goals or ideas about the future…but ONE great love: Jesus Christ.  We both LONG for unity and are both disturbed when we disagree…especially on what we deem important topics.  BUT, one morning as I was reflecting on what God’s view of unity was…I pictured the Trinity.  They are different: they have different roles, different “personalities,” different levels of understanding (even Jesus doesn’t know when the time of the return of God’s kingdom is).  BUT, their LOVE for each other, their SUBMISSION to one another UNITES them for one purpose: to spread God’s word and love in the world and for all eternity.  Of course, they are without sin 🙂  BUT, even when married in this sinful world, between two believing spouses who should seek to NOT sin…unity is STILL possible (and even in cases where one spouse is a believer–because the Spirit is working in that believer and marriage).  And, as we seek the Lord, both together, and individually, we will become more and more unified.

We don’t HAVE to agree!  We don’t have to see things the same way or respond the same way.  It doesn’t threaten our unity.  What threatens our unity is our lack of love for one another and our lack of submission to God and each other.  Only with God’s enablement can we love and submit in a world full of sin…and hearts full of sin….but with God, all things are possible 🙂  Amen!

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