Divine Humility

Mark 10:18: “Why do you call me good, Jesus answered.  No one is good – except God alone.”

Wow.  Jesus was the Son of God and perfect in every way.  Surely He was good!  As my husband told me this morning, Jesus said this for US.  To show us HIS picture of Humility.  This is what I have been seeking, desperate for lately…knowing in my heart…every crevice, every turn…pride is waiting.  I am so tired of being proud!  I want His humility to transform my heart and my life. 

This is my prayer each day right now.  I am not going to have a full, perfect understanding of Jesus’ unfathomable humility…but I will most certainly pray for it and keep asking the Lord to get rid of everything in my heart that is NOT from Him.  What is left…I can imagine…will be humility and love for Him and others….this is my greatest desire.

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