A tree in wintertime…that has lost its foilage…seems all but dead.

Just like that tree, during winter seasons, it seems that bearing fruit and being a light to anyone is impossible.  There is so much that is dying inside of me right now.  So much I hold onto so dearly…so much pride, so much sin, so much longing, so much hurt.  I can literally feel the death of everything that is not from Him in my life.  There is a lot to go.  It is so painful.  In this time, I know that if I am a light to anyone, it is by God’s grace.  I am thankful to be in this place, because I know that it is during this time that I will be most acquainted with God’s power in my weakness….and my nothingness.

At the same time, I am seeing wonderful changes in my sweet family….all of them…and I am confident that it has everything to do with Him…and nothing to do with me.  Thank-you Jesus that my strength is in YOU.  My joy is in obedience right now, and praising you, praying to you, and thanking you all day long.

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