My Life is Not My Own

These words were all throughout the songs we sang to worship the Lord this morning at PWOC.  Each song talked about self-abandonment.  The sermon my husband and I heard last Sunday at our church talked about self-abandonment being the principle of parenting (and the hardest part).  It helped reaffirm and refocus my husband and I in our parenting and keep us encouraged.

This morning, He told me once again that my gifts are to be used at His disposal and by His timing.  It is all about HIM and His Calling.  A Calling reflects God’s character…not ours.  The way we serve Him reflects our character.  God has told me this over and over.

I am still wondering what His calling is for us!  Wouldn’t we LOVE to know!?  For some reason, He hasn’t made it clear to us yet.  After a year of seeking, we are still waiting.  We are waiting for hearts united for the future.  How long O Lord must we wait?  Waiting is so very hard, but so important.  May we persevere in waiting for the Lord to SPEAK powerfully to us.  I know He will.

I’m happy right now to be at His service for anything He has for me to do today.  This brings me much joy in the midst of our waiting season.

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