The Dance of Life :-)

As my husband and I were dancing at a ball a few weeks ago…all dressed up in uniform and dress 🙂 …I kept thinking about which way Brian would go next…and hoping to not go the wrong way.  Ok, I’ll admit, it is hard for me to follow his lead.  I love to dance and I’ve danced with several guys who like to dance.  My brother and I actually took dancing lessons together in college 🙂  But, my sweet husband is very hard for me to follow!!!  I wanted to take a break and tell him which way to go…but I knew that wouldn’t work out so well.  It reminded me of my difficulties in waiting for God to take the lead.

I have a strong will 🙂 and I often have a vision of what I like and where I want to go…I feel God’s voice speak to me clearly…but as I look back on my life…I oftentimes did not wait for Him to make the move.  I did hear Him clearly.  But, I didn’t wait…and that had consequences for me.  As I was dancing with Brian, I felt the Lord whisper to me…wait for him to make the move.  I wanted to cry out…but I don’t know where he is going…it is so unpredictable!  Oh, the joys of dancing 🙂  And what a dance life is.  In this season of waiting, I am tempted so much to make the move….to make things happen.  I know better than that now.  I know to listen and then pray and wait.

May the Lord lead us romantically, gently, and unexpectedly through this beautiful and challenging Dance of Life.  And May we WAIT FOR HIM TO MAKE THE MOVE.

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