I can see that some of my posts have gotten to be a bit downtrodden….and there is a lot of work God is doing in my heart right now…so it is hard work.  BUT, I want to capture all the blessings and AMAZING GRACE God has given us in our lives and right now.  That is my goal and desire for this blog.  To write about HIM: His grace, His blessings, His voice, His ways, His great love.  I think I might have been a bit caught up in myself lately and how painful it has been to be transformed into His likeness and also a bit of thinking too much about the future–either dreams not realized or longings unfulfilled.  I can see that this is taking me from the FULLNESS of life that He has promised me RIGHT NOW!!!  I want to live that every day and I am excited about what He has for me today.

Even today, God has brought me messengers from Him to encourage me, pray for me–through calls, texts, playdates, and a sweet friend full of encouragement this morning.  And an early morning run (and I thought I couldn’t get myself up to run in the mornings…)!  My sweet brother and sister-in-law are on their way in TODAY and we get to have a BLAST together this weekend!!!  What more could I ask for?  God is my comfort, my encourager, my fulfillment, my everything.

This picture is what I found in one of my vegetable pots last night as Hannah and I were going for a walk together.  And they were GOOD!!!  I have watered so many different types of flowers and vegetables here…waiting, waiting for them to grow.  Most of the vegetables have not grown fruit, but have stayed alive and kept growing.  Only the lettuce, a few grape tomatoes (which were eaten by critters), two pea pods (eaten by critters), a tiny head of broccoli..and these sweet, lucious strawberries.  These strawberries were planted months ago and have only grown now…in the right season 🙂  What a perfect comparison in gardening to what God revealed to me just yesterday.  The seeds I have planted and am planting…will produce fruit IN SEASON.  There will be fruit in ministry in the right season!  The rest of the seasons are in planting, trimming, cleaning the dead parts out, watering, and pollenating (which we have a tough time with here in the desert with our veges).  It has been LOTS of work!  But, those strawberries were so sweet and wonderful and so worth the effort.

Hannah looking at our sweet strawberry harvest!

I get so excited when I see fruit!!!  In my garden, in people, and in me.  Thank-you Jesus for this new growth and encouragement for me to keep sowing and working in your harvest field.  I get easily discouraged sometimes.  But, the Lord always lifts my eyes back to Him.  HE MAKES IT GROW.  Not me.  I love that He does all the work.

Beautiful new growth…and really yummy!

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