God’s amazing ways of answering prayer…

“Ian swallowed nervously.  Yes, yes of course he believed God answered prayer, but–a tree?  Could it really suddenly disappear from the mountain track?  And then he remembered something quite remarkable.  It was a verse in the Bible and, strange to say, it was about a tree.  Jesus had said, “If you have faith you could say to this tree, ‘Pull yourself up by the roots and plant yourself in the sea’, and it would obey you.”  “Incredible!” thought Ian.  “I’ve never seen a tree move in answer to prayer–but there’s always a first time!”  So right there, in front of all the village people, he said in Thai language, “Dear Father-God, I’ve told these folk about you.  Now I need to get down to the next village to tell the people there.  Please move the tree off the track so I can get through.  Amen.”

(The tree didn’t move right away)

….. Ian stood there, drinking in every word.  His astonishment began to change to happiness.  He felt like dancing and he wanted to shout and sing!  Two days ago he had stood right here on this spot and had asked God to move the tree and, just two days ago, Tusker had strayed.  God had begun answering the very moment he had prayed…

“While the elephant was on its way to move the tree, God sent me to that other village,” he mused, “the one I didn’t even know was there, the real village-at-the-of-the-road.  The obstacle in the track meant I could tell other people about Jesus.”  “I’m glad it all happened,” he decided.  “I was right.  God does answer prayer and now I know He can even turn a difficulty into a launching pad for one of His special miracles.”

–Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle by Sheila Miller

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