God Equips for BATTLE!!!

A very tangible and appropriate message at AWANAS yesterday that fortifies God’s message here often to me in the desert….much of it is about how to fight the spiritual battles that are so ever present and intense here.

Here is how Christ’s Warrior Princess fights her battles:

With the ARMOR OF GOD:

* The Belt of Truth

– Wrapped around our Waist, firm and secure, immovable, coming from the Word of God.

* The Breastplate of Righteousness

The Lord’s righteousness, that He bestows upon us, as we seek and follow Him, protecting our heart and lungs, our most precious, vital organs.

* Sandals of Peace

Our feet, guided by the Lord’s spirit of peace, spreading the gospel of peace wherever we go.

* Shield of Faith

The gift of faith that God gives us and develops in us will PROTECT us from the Enemy’s attacks.

* Helmet of Salvation

The crowning gift of God, so freely given from the sacrifice Jesus has already made for us…seals our names in the book of life and protects us from the Enemy’s attempts to have us live with him in hell for eternity.

* The victorious Sword of the Spirit: God’s Word

The only offensive weapon we have to fight the Enemy’s attacks.  We must memorize it and use it, as Christ did, when He was led into the desert, to counteract the lies the Enemy tells us all day long, every day.  It is POWERFUL and the Enemy always flees from the Word of God.  We must know it, to recognize the lies, and then proclaim it to make the Enemy flee.

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