More ways God Equips!

Steady Walking 🙂

Today, we went to get Hannah fitted for casts for braces for both of her feet.  We are so thankful for God’s continual provision for her!  We cannot believe how well she is walking already, considering she just started 2-3 weeks ago!  Did I mention she is walking EVERYWHERE???  It is really hilarious because she has some serious toddler confidence…out of nowhere.  Hannah is a pretty shy, quiet, little graceful one…and once she started walking, her personality started blooming!  She even tried to walk right down a slide….good thing mommy was right there to grab her hand just in time 🙂  She wants to walk everywhere…in ponds..down slides…she has NO FEAR.  She likes the tallest slides the most.

We are so excited to see her confidence.  We are so excited to see that she can even walk with the way her ankles are positioned.  It has been hard for her to balance…but she has managed.  And now, we have just the right help (it was tough to know exactly what the problem was…and we have tried many different things to understand what the issue was with her development and walking).

Here is a bit of a spiel of what life has been like for little Hannah the past year or so:

Hannah has battled quite a few things in her short life so far.  Beginning at 6 months, there were questions and concerns that the doctors and we had about her development.  At 9 months, she started getting x-rays.  Then, there were a lot of evaluations for her development….a cyst that popped up, blood tests, then a lymphoma scare somewhere in there that came a little bit out of the blue….more blood testing and a cat scan to rule that one out….a trip to a hospital far away for a surgery consultation and then again for surgery to get that cyst out (cancer free, thank the Lord)…it took months to get both of those appointments…more sickness…and trips to the doctor because of that (for all of us really…except daddy!)…a referral for EDIS (early devlopmental intervention specialist), because after a year, she still wasn’t bearing any weight on her feet, but instead lifted them up and cried out, the EFMP (exceptional family member program), and more evaluations.  Referrals to hospitals far away…with more x-rays…a possible MRI of her brain….a physical therapy consultation….our week revolving around Hannah and help for Hannah (1 EDIS session a week and 2 trips to physical therapy a week), and each evaluation coming back to us with more recommendations for more help (a speech pathologist, etc)—– FINALLY, after much prayer throughout and and then seeking the Lord particularly for help with the chaos and uncertainty….an idea came to Brian and I to consider just what she might be struggling with the most.  We focused on that. Canceled EVERYTHING else.  Hannah got a break 🙂 And mommy felt FOCUS and PEACE!!!!  We are giving all the other devlopmental stuff to the  Lord.  We are focusing on her feet.  May it all rest in HIS hands.

Today the doctor casted Hannah’s feet and recommended either an SMO (instead of the other one, I forget what it is called)…which is a good thing and means she is doing even better than they thought!  She will wear the shoes that they create from the casts in some bigger shoes that we need to go find.  They even come in cute little butterflies 🙂

We are thankful.  We get to pick them up in 2 weeks and continue to watch the Lord equip Hannah to WALK…as He already has…and now she will be able to walk WELL (in time)!

One thought on “More ways God Equips!

  1. Hi Dawn! Long time…love your site and praying for God’s continued provision with Hannah…Lewis is soooo big now (and even more cute…how is that possible!? lol) My, my…time has flown!! Hope you all are great 🙂

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