Resting in Him

I love how it feels to rest in the Lord.  To give everything to Him, to wait, to trust, to feel His presence and peace.  To just rest.  Sabbath days for me, especially the past year or so, have become a deliberate day of rest.  Sometimes, things come up that have to be dealt with, but most of the time, God does give me that chance to rest on His special day of rest.

It is hard for me to picture what our lives will look like this summer, this fall, and through our PCS move to Kansas after the holdiays.  There are so many moving pieces, so many questions on my mind.  There are too many questions really.  So, I am giving it all to Him, through much prayer and dependance….and learning to REST in Him.  He will tell me everything I need to know when I need to know it.  And truly, if I did know it all, it would be way too overwhelming for me!  I thank the Lord that He knows what I can handle…and when I can handle it 🙂

What a beautiful day this is.  God is working in special ways in my life right now and I feel the seasons of change coming…in my heart and around me….things are changing.  I wonder what will change and what things will look like.  I wonder what He has planned.

I am resting in the fact that His plans are always wonderful…and am waiting for Him to prepare the way.

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