Joy Bringer…!

I was thinking about what has brought me joy here…all the things God has taught me to turn to, to be joyful during this time of my life.  And I thought I’d compile a few here:

1. Feeling God’s Presence (Time with Him)

2. Hearing God’s Voice and Guidance (clarity in His Will-through His Word and Prayer)

3.  Obedience (Living a life that is pleasing to the Lord)

4. Unexpected Blessings from the Lord/Answered Prayers

5. Sharing in His Joy-Sharing the Gospel with Others: Spreading His Word, Serving Others, Loving Others (Teaching, Discipleship, Being Discipled, etc)

6. Eternal Blessings (Coming from Persecution, Suffering, Works done in Secret, Obedience, Bringing Others to the Lord, etc)

7. Victory over Sin-Freedom from Bondage

8. Thanking God for His Gifts–all of them

9. Prasing Him/Worshiping Him

10. Fellowship with like-minded believers

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