Joy Stealer….

There are so many things out there to steal our joy in Christ.  But, it is WE who allow it to be stolen.  He so graciously gives His joy to us….but we have to hold onto it.  We cannot let it be stolen.  The enemy has no power over us.  He has to work in cunning ways to TRICK us.  If we recognize him, he will never win.  It’s only in ways that we can be fooled, that he can win.  Like with beautiful apples….that look so good, pleasing to the eye and subtle twisting of Scripture and God’s Commands to us.

I want to recognize the ways in which the enemy tries to steal my joy…and makes it look like it is right or good.  It isn’t.  It simply is a joy stealer.

I want to hold on and guard the JOY He so graciously gives me each and every day.

One thought on “Joy Stealer….

  1. this one really helps…badly need it now. thanks thanks. Enjoy your blessings! 🙂

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