More than conquerors!

The last few days were tough in parenting, but as friends prayed, and God gave guidance and a huge dose of His spirit to my children (thank-you for that Lord!) 🙂 , today brought forth beauty and joy!

As I watched my kids share their toys this morning, and watched my loving son…who gets a bit particular about his projects…ask Hannah to help him build his project…and then saw Hannah mess it up a few minutes later…and Lewis not getting mad, but helping her destroy it for fun…and watching Hannah take his toy…and then seeing him use his words politely to ask Mommy to bring it back….and using his tongue to bless and not say mean things…I felt that HE was truly MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!!!!

The whole day today he has been making right choices, learning from his mistakes the past few days.  He is learning to take responsibilty; to bless others, even when difficult; to love sissy all the time, even when she makes wrong choices; to help others; and to find freedom from sin.  That is the greatest feeling of all.  To break free from old patterns that bound us.

We have a lot of hero parties around here when the kids are able to make right choices…Lewis is getting a cereal, blueberry, strawberry, and blueberry muffin hero party upon request tonight 🙂  (Isn’t that a perfect dinner?)  He really is my hero.  I see it most clearly when daddy is gone.  Already at 3, I am depending on him so much.  Sometimes, it makes my heart ache to see him act so grown up.  I think, is he growing up too fast? Is he able to relish his childhood enough?  Most of the time, it brings me joy, knowing he is learning lessons so early on that will prevent him much pain in growing up…and also being a beautiful blessing to others…and being pleasing to God.  I’m so proud of my great helper and overcomer!!!

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